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Re-writing Your Life Script

Updated: Apr 7, 2022

So, what is your life script? Your life script is the story you create in your mind based on past experiences that affect how you view the world, and therefore what you experience. Your script is what you are giving life to every day by assigning a role to yourself and others. We have a lot of power over our mind and can change our script once we learn how to do it. We have been writing our script for years which has led to the patterns we notice. Let me explain. For example, a child witnesses their mother have several failed relationships. This child has been learning, trusting, and watching their parents since birth. Learning what is right and wrong, and how handle everyday life events. So, let’s say the child’s mother (clearly a significant figure) in a moment of emotion tells the child that no one can be trusted. At this early state this child is very suggestible to the things they see, hear, feel and touch. They are incredibly sensitive to the teachers in their life as well. So, because of this hyper suggestibility, they might store that statement in their subconscious mind. As they go through life, they might find they also have several failed relationships and perhaps continue to think their parent was right, no one can really be trusted. They convince themselves of this so much that it’s what they feel they can spot in people. They are seeking it out, so it is showing up in their life. They have created a script that says everyone around them is untrustworthy. The belief becomes even more strong, the more occurrences that happen that support it.

You see, the mind has the power to distort and delete what is not supportive of your story, your life script. It’s entirely possible that the story the child saw was not accurate. It’s entirely possible that their parent didn’t believe all people were untrustworthy, but said it in anger. It is entirely possible that all the relationships they had weren’t doomed to fail. It’s possible that they saw something that they believed to be true, but wasn’t entirely understood.

Another example would be a young child who was bit by a dog. This child may grow up thinking dogs are scary and unpredictable. They might even say “I don’t like dogs.” Meanwhile, another child grew up surrounded by dogs and experienced love and companionship. Both children grow up with an association that will assist with the creation of their life script.

Now, the mind does have the power of intuition as well. The mind can achieve a deep sense of inner knowing. So, of course it’s also sensing what does not serve and uses reasoning to make discernment's. However, that is developed. We harness our intuition through conscious connections. The fact that we may be intuitive to experiences doesn’t tell us why we attract them. Therefore, it is believed that until the script is re-written subconsciously, it is possible that the script will repeat and influence the person. We continue to re-write our script to fit what we expect and believe.

Re-writing your life script begins with intention. You really have to want to understand and be open to changing perceptions and ideas. Through an open mind and desire, mindfulness can occur. It is important to truly be present and see all aspects of things and situations to fully embrace, understand and connect. In seeing things as they are, and not as we want them to be, we can enhance our experiences and re-write what we want to see in our lives, rather than what we don’t want. Once we choose to believe that we can make a change within, changes naturally occur within our environment and we aren’t trapped in a cycle of negative thinking, which manifests in repeated negative experiences.

This can be done on your own through mindfulness meditation, and also through hypnosis.

You are the writer and the creator of the life you see. You have all the power to change your mind and change your script.

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